Automated Word Check

This feature consists of two parts. The first part is our Word List. You can define the words and phrases you want to use as a team. And which ones you want to avoid using.

The second part is the Word Check in our Figma plugin which automatically reviews your designs and flags any inconsistencies with the Word List. One click and you can replace it with the correct wording.

This feature works independently from In-App Copy Editing, requires no code integration and can be easily set up by the design team.

How it works

Examples to get started

We get you started with some common word list examples. You can immediately hop over to Figma and see how it works (see last step).

Curate your word list over time

New words (and phrases) can be added by creating word groups. Let's say you want to define how to spell OK. Is it OK, ok, Okay? Add these related words into a new word group and assign a status. Any words or phrases marked as "caution" or "avoid" will be flagged in Figma and the "preferred" word(s) will be suggested as alternatives.

Currently, we're offering to set up your existing word list in Strings. You can reach us at or use the Intercom chat button in the bottom right corner.

Case matching

You can choose if you want case-sensitive matching on any word. The default is matching on any case variant. For example, if you have the word "blacklist" marked as "avoid", we would also flag "Blacklist". However, if you want to match on exact case you can toggle the rule (e.g. for your feature names and brand terms).

Partial word matching

You can also define if you want partial or exact word matches. The default is partial matches. Using the same example of "blacklist", we would also flag "blacklisting" and "blacklisted". If you only want to match on the exact word, you can always change this.

Check your copy in Figma

Head over to Figma and see the automated word list check in action. Open the Strings Figma plugin. Select the "Check" tab and click on a frame in your Figma file. Any inconsistency with your word list will be flagged and the approved wording is suggested. Click on the alternative wording and see it updated in Figma automatically.

Watch our demo videos

Learn how to use Word Check in Figma and how to add new entries in the Word List.
Advanced features
Fine tune Word Check with our Case Matching and Partial Word Matching features.

Common Questions

What is a word group?

A word group is a family of related words or phrases. A group can exist of a single word or phrase, for example an error message that represents a reusable component. Most words groups, however, consist of related words with different status such as "preferred", "caution" and "avoid". Any words marked as "caution" and "avoid" will be flagged in Figma and the related "preferred" words will be shown as suggested alternatives.

What is the readability score shown in the plugin?

When you select a frame and go to the Check tab, the plugin shows you a readability score next to each text element. This score is designed to gauge the understandability of your copy. Strings uses the Automated Readability Index (ARI) which estimates the US grade level needed to comprehend the text. We recommend to keep the readability for most products at Grade 10 or below. Writing at a higher grade level is often confusing and tedious for readers.

A word of caution: readability scores for very short copy (1-2 words) may be less actionable. For example, common words that are longer might score high due to how the index is calculated. However, we decided to apply the ARI consistently and not fudge with the formula. It's meant to be a guide after all.

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