Copy handoff with Figma plugin

We've seen the impact Figma has had on the design community. As a result, much the content design process has moved into Figma. While Figma is great for visual design, it's not a content design tool. We're looking to complement and enhance the content design process that's currently happening in Figma. Our first feature is our design to developer and localization handoff.

How it works

Install Figma plugin (yup, it's free)

You can find our plugin in the Figma community:

Get designs ready for handoff

To get your designs and copy ready for implementation, we recommend to name the frames and elements in your Figma file so they can be recognized by your developers. Strings uses them to create the string names in code. (But not to worry, your developers can always rename them.)

Export frames

Open the Strings plugin you installed and select the frames you want to export. Keep in mind you can always re-export the same frame. Strings automatically pulls in the updated version to your project and updates the code based on the latest designs.

Your devs can grab localization-ready code

In Strings, you can review the project. You can leave notes for your developers and localization team. You can also exclude strings that should not be in the code export (e.g. duplicates or placeholder copy).

Design handoff for translators

We know that most translators do not have access to design files or product documentation. We therefore created a specific view for localization teams. They can see the designs, associated copy next to it and any comments you want to leave them for context.

Common Questions

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