How Strings works

Strings makes it easy for writers to edit the content in your app’s source code.

It's friendly for writers and developers.

Set up your team

Invite anyone on your content design team to join. We don’t charge by the user, so there's no need to worry about creeping costs.

Link to Github

Ask your developer to install the Strings app in Github. The setup takes a few minutes (instructions here). Strings can only access the apps' strings files, not any other source code.

Browse your app's copy

Quickly find content in your app. See exactly what your customers are seeing without depending on your development team or wondering if your design files are up-to-date.

Edit copy

Edit your app’s content in plain language. No coding required.                                                                                                  

Submit changes

When you’re done editing, Strings automatically generates code updates and sends them as Git pull requests to your development team to review.   

Go live

After your development team reviews your changes, they merge them into the source code to include in the next build.

Common Questions

We’re using Figma, Sketch or Google Docs to write copy. Does Strings replace those tools?

No, Strings is a complement to the creative writing tools and process your team currently uses. Once you’ve finalized any copy changes with your team, Strings makes it easy to get those changes to your users. And it minimizes the time your engineering team has to spend on string edits.

What string file formats does Strings support?

Strings currently supports Android XML string files, iOS localization string files and web JSON string files. Your apps' copy needs to be centralized in standards-based resource files (not hard coded in your programming source code): this is the common practice for app development.

Which version control system (VCS) do you support?

We currently support integrations with Github. If you’re using a different VCS, please email us at so we can prioritize other VCSs accordingly.

Is Strings a CMS?

No, we do not require developers to change their development process or migrate data outside their code repositories.  Strings allows writers and other non-developers to make changes to in-app copy without implementing a CMS.

How does Strings work with Translation Management Systems?

There are many different types of translation software solutions available so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. If your string files are stored outside your code repository and get pulled into your apps at compile time or runtime, it's unlikely Strings can access those files or create pull requests for edits. If, however, your translation software pushes the language files back into your code repository once a new translation is available, Strings would work just fine since it's automatically synching the linked string files from Git.

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