GitHub setup for developers

Setting up Strings is simple and only takes a couple minutes. You install the Strings app in GitHub and then select the strings files you want to link.

We'll walk you through it here step-by-step.

1. From your Strings account, click the "Connect" GitHub button

2. Click "Install" in GitHub

Make sure you're signed into your GitHub account and have admin privileges to the repos with the String files.

3. Select the repos that include your app string files

You can select one or multiple repos that contain the string files you want your writers to have access to and create copy changes for.

Hit "Install" when you're done.

4. Back in the Strings interface, select and link your string files

You will be redirected to your Strings account where you can then find and link the string files for your writers.

Strings filters possible string files in your repo. If you can't see the file you're looking for, uncheck "Show suggested files only". This will show all files in the repo.

5. Yay, no more copy editing

Sit back and let your writers edit copy. Pretty sure you can find better things to do with your time.

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Strings is a writer-friendly tool for editing an app’s string files.

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