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At a glance

With Strings, you can easily import new copy directly from Figma into code, saving you time copying and creating each string one at a time. We generate key names based on Figma element names. If you prefer to rename the key, you can quickly do so in our UI and regenerate the code snippet.

Key naming

We use Figma element names to generate key names. We recommend your designers to name their design elements to make them easy to identify. However, we understand that naming conventions might differ. If you're currently using a different naming convention you can either adopt the new approach which will also allow you to differentiate the source of the keys, or overwrite the auto-generated key in your code editor.

Code generation

Our auto-generated code is can be directly dropped into your existing language files and is ready for localization. We follow generally accepted naming convention and formatting for each file type we support.

Sample iOS code

For iOS, we support the standard iOS strings format as recommended by Apple.

Sample iOS code generated
"welcome_screen.button.get_started" = "GET STARTED";

Sample Android code

For Android, we support the standard strings format as recommended by Android.

Sample Android code generated
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="welcome_screen.button.get_started">GET STARTED</string>  


Sample Web nested JSON

For web applications, we support a standard nested JSON format.

Sample nested JSON generated
 "welcomeScreen": {
   "button": {

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