Save time managing product copy

Learn how Strings can save you time, minimize going back and forth with your writers and avoid handover errors.

In-app copy editing

Let your writers safely edit product copy in code

With our GitHub app, you delegate copy editing to your designers and writers. They can search and edit copy in a safe environment without needing GitHub access or learning how to code.

When they make copy edits, Strings automatically generates a pull request for your approval in GitHub. Setting up the GitHub app only takes a few clicks.

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Copy handoff

Get localization-ready code instead of clicking through design files

Our Figma plugin automatically extracts text strings for new features from design files and generates code snippets ready for implementation. You can start building features instead of copy and pasting text into code and worrying about handover errors.

Strings generates localization-ready code for iOS (.strings), Android (.xml) and web (nested JSON). We automatically create key names based on Figma elements. You can edit to match your convention.

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Strings is a writer-friendly tool for editing an app’s string files.

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