Writing is designing.
We're building a better way.

We founded Strings in 2020 after having built products in a variety of industries. A common thread connecting all of them is that words matter. The right copy communicates purpose, excites and clarifies. But managing product copy has always been a painful process that falls between different tools and is not done well by any. We’re looking to change that.

Our mission is to elevate the craft of content designers and UX writers so they can do what they do best: help organizations build better products through content. We give writers direct ownership and control of their work, reduce dependencies, and minimize developers' time managing copy.

How we work

We love what we do

We love designing and building great products. We enjoy working with others who are proud of their craft and do great work because they love it not because they are asked to.  But our work isn’t the only thing that defines us. We’re not trying to create some semi-cult to get people to work here. We’re motivated by building useful and beautiful software for our customers.

The power of small

We believe in the impact of software that can be built by a few and help many. We strive to keep organizational complexity to a minimum. We design, code and listen to our customers. We avoid meetings, handoffs, layers of management and bureaucracy. We take full ownership over our work and foster an environment of trust so we can stay nimble.

Building sustainably

Venture capital has become a widely overused tool. We’ve been inspired by the teams at Zapier, Atlassian, Basecamp and many others who grew their companies steadily with little outside funding. Maintaining control and independence is important so we can build the company we want and stay focused on our helping our customers.

All remote

Working in a centralized office is a relic of a time before technology allowed us to work from anywhere. It was shaped by management’s desire to supervise, direct and (micro)manage employees. So why should we constrain who we work with and where we work to some arbitrary geographic boundary? Live where you want, not where an office happens to be. Save time and commuting stress and spend more time with your family and friends on the things you enjoy.

Work with us

If you enjoy building amazing products for leading software teams in the world, let’s talk.

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