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Empower your writers and save developer time with Strings.

In a nutshell

Edit in-app copy without coding
Audit product content in code
Fast, error-free copy handoff to devs
L10n handoff and collaboration

Trusted by awesome product design teams

Writer-friendly string editing

Unlock the ultimate source of truth for your copy. Edit it with a few clicks.

Get access to in-code copy

Easily search and audit in-app copy without having to ask your developers.

Edit copy with a few clicks

Get copy changes done in minutes instead of hoping your requests make it into the next sprint.

Free your developers from copy changes

When you edit copy, your developers simply get a Git pull request for approval.

Automated copy handoff

Strings generates localization-ready code from Figma text elements.

Give your developers an assist

Save your developers a bunch of time copying and pasting strings from design files. Your developers can start coding with the right copy in the right format.

Fast handoff with Figma plugin

Unlike copy documents, with the Strings Figma plugin you can effortlessly keep everything in sync as your designs evolve.

Add context for localization

Translating without designs and context can lead to costly localization errors. With Strings, your linguists can see your copy in line with the designs and any notes you add for context.

We believe the copy and content in a product deserve the same consideration as other visual design elements. Yet tooling for content design and UX writing is lagging behind visual design tools. This lack of great tooling leads to inefficient workflows, slow iteration cycles, and inconsistent designs. We created Strings to change that.

Our mission is to elevate the craft of content designers and UX writers so they can do what they do best: help organizations build better products through content. Our mission is to give writers direct ownership and control of their work, reduce dependencies, and minimize developers’ time managing copy.

Strings empowers writers and saves developer time.

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Strings is a writer-friendly tool for editing an app’s string files.

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